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About Matthew Meisinger

Matthew Meisinger

Matthew Meisinger is interested in video production and editing, as well as presenting interesting and unique stories in an engaging, intuitive way. He is currently studying Digital Media Production at Drake University. Matthew has experience using a wide range of Adobe programs, including Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Audition, and InDesign. While his main interest and experiences are in video, Matthew also has some experience in design, social media, audio production, radio, and photography. You can view some of his projects on his YouTube channel.

When not working on in-class projects, Matthew likes to pursue personal projects to gain more experience in the world of video. He particularly likes to focus on small business and nonprofits in a particular area, and to highlight how they persevere through the challenges that come with that type of business or organization.

Matthew Meisinger is also the president of Drake Anime Club. As President of that organization, he is responsible for organizing and presiding over weekly general meetings and board meetings to ensure they run properly. Additionally, he is the head organizer of Anime Recharge, an anime convention that takes place at Drake and is the largest student run event on Drake’s campus. Matthew is responsible for booking events and vendors for each of the many rooms, as well as contacting voice actors to come and give panels at the event. Around 500 people are expected to come each year, so it is a big responsibility and challenge to bring it all together.

In his free time, Matthew enjoys reading fantasy and sci-fi novels. This interest started for him in high school, when a friend recommended to him the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Two years and 15 books later, Matthew was fully invested in the fantasy genre and has been primarily reading fantasy ever since, branching out to sci-fi and the occasional mystery once in a while. While in the intervening years he has read many fantasy series, the Wheel of Time remains his favorite, and he still returns to it now and again. He is also a fan of the TV show. You can check out his blog on fantasy books here.

Matthew is currently employed with Drake recreational services part-time. He is a supervisor there, responsible for overseeing 1-4 other employees and upwards of 50 guests at the various workout facilities on campus. He has been employed there since January of 2020.